Best Local dentists in Peoria
Best Local dentists in Peoria


Find yourself grinding or clenching? Botox may be the solution for you! TMJ/TMD treatment has had limited treatment options in the past. Botox is a quick and efficient way to relax the muscles associated with TMJ/TMD, grinding, and clenching.

We can also address your cosmetic needs to reverse those fine lines and wrinkles. Call us for your free consultation today!

Botox for TMJ/TMD

TMJ/TMD can have a number of different causes. A few of the most common causes are teeth grinding (bruxism), a malpositioned bite, excessive jaw muscle use (such as chewing gum for multiple hours per day) and inflammatory diseases like arthritis. Each case is different, which is why TMJ/TMD is often considered very difficult to treat.

Botox provides most patients the relief they need while helping to avoid costly surgical procedures.

Botox for WRINKLES

Botox treatments in a dental office? Yes, you read that right! Botox is a safe and proven solution that helps reverse the fine lines and wrinkles associated with aging. Our staff is professionally trained to administer Botox and loves helping our patients look their best at any age. Ask about a Botox treatment at your next cleaning or book an appointment online today!

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