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Best Local dentists in Peoria
Best Local dentists in Peoria

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Having a beautiful and confident smile is important for all patients.  Restoring your smile with high-quality dentures gives you control over your life again. Stop letting tooth loss rob you of your confidence and health–schedule your dentures consultation today by calling our Arrowhead Family Dentistry team at (623) 561-0100.


traditional dentures

Traditional Dentures are made after the teeth have been removed and the tissue has healed (usually about 6 months after the last tooth was removed).

Immediate dentures

Immediate Dentures are delivered to the patient the same day the teeth are removed.  They often require adjustments over the first several months of use and are usually relined after the tissue has healed (6-12 months after the teeth were removed).

snap-in implant dentures

Snap-In Dentures (also called Click-In Dentures or Overdentures) are a cost-effective alternative to traditional dentures that utilizes strategically placed implants for added retention. Snap-In Dentures are removable by the patient for easy cleaning, but offer superior stability when compared to conventional dentures.  Dental implants can eliminate the need for the palate portion of top dentures (the part that covers the roof of the mouth), thus helping to reduce gagging sensations and diminished ability to taste food. Snap-In Dentures can also make a loose lower denture more stable, keeping it from floating around in your mouth.  Snap-In Dentures can help to increase your confidence, comfort, and function, thereby greatly increasing your quality of life.

Partial Dentures

Removable partial dentures are great when you need an affordable option to help replace several missing teeth in either the upper or lower arch.  A partial has replacement teeth connected to a gum-colored plastic base that often has a cast metal framework. Partial dentures can help keep your other teeth from shifting, allow you to speak and eat better, and help support your cheeks and lips so your face does not appear older and sunken in.

Cast metal partials

Cast Metal Partial Dentures slide over your existing teeth to help fill any gaps you may have.  They are custom-made by expertly trained technicians, fit securely in place, and are very durable.

flexible base partials

Flexible Base Partial Dentures (also called Valplast partials) use a state-of-the-art technology to create a lightweight, metal-free partial denture.  Each appliance is handcrafted to help ensure a natural look and feel with increased flexibility and comfort.

Permanent Dental Implants

all on 4

It can often be difficult to eat certain foods with a traditional denture.  All on 4 dentures typically utilize 4- 6 dental implants to help make your dentures more stable so you can function better and have increased confidence.

Due to the advancements made in dental implant technology, permanent dentures are more affordable than ever.  And unlike many other teeth replacement options utilizing implants, with permanent dentures you leave the office with fixed, not removable, teeth.

caring for your dentures and partials

Dentures and partials require daily maintenance in order to keep them clean and looking nice for years to come.  If you do not properly care for your denture or partial it can harbor bacteria and become permanently stained. 

Be careful when cleaning your denture or partial in the sink. Setting out a folded towel or filling the sink with water prior to handling them can help prevent your dentures from breaking if you accidentally drop them.

Utilize a mild cleanser to help clean your denture or partial.  Many cleaners are too abrasive and can damage your appliance.  We recommend you always ask your dentist what they recommend or check for the American Dental Association (ADA) seal of approval when determining which products to use.

Your dentures need to be kept moist when you are not wearing them.  We recommend you keep them in a cleaning solution or water to help prevent them drying out or losing their shape. 

Even if you have a complete set of dentures (top and bottom), it is very important that you clean your tongue and gums daily and schedule regular dental checkups to ensure that your smile stays healthy.

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